Everyday Vintage

I always think to myself that I don’t wear enough vintage clothes and I don’t look ‘vintage’ enough despite how much I love the styles from past eras, but then it clicked I wear vintage clothes everyday. At least half of my wardrobe (if not more) is vintage but I style it in a way that slips seamlessly into modern fashion.



  • Handbag – Lilly Vine York
  • Silk scarf – vintage | charity shop
  • Trousers – vintage | charity shop
  • T-shirt – TU at Sainsburys
  • Sunglasses – Bowlers York
  • Shoes – Fitflop

The checked trousers and silk scarf tied to the bag in this little ensemble are both vintage. Teamed with a simple cotton t-shirt, cats eye sunglasses and a pair of fitflops and it’s the perfect outfit for running errands, nipping for a coffee of cycling to uni.


It gives me my daily dose of vintage without interfering with my life (cycling in skirts is hard for me), keeps me looking chic and ensures that no one has the same outfit as me. If you’re new to wearing vintage adding little accents of vintage to everyday outfits is the perfect way to decide what does and doesn’t work for you.

What are your everyday vintage tips?


OOTD: Vintage Checks

Recently I have been trying to add some more vintage to my winter wardrobe which is no easy task as most of my vintage finds are summer dresses and skirts. As much as I love vintage I prefer not to look as though I’ve just stepped out of a time machine (although how cool would that be?!) so I tend to look for piece that can be mixed and matched with various items already in my wardrobe.

After the Yorkshire Blogger’s Lunch on the 28th we popped into a vintage kilo sale going on at Trinity Church in Leeds centre and I found a cute little vintage jumper that would slot into my wardrobe perfectly. I wasn’t 100% sure it would fit me and didn’t want to try it on but figured for the price ~ just £5 ~ I could always alter the sizing if needs be.



The unusual neckline is what originally drew me but the check design and neutral colour sealed the deal. This is a piece I can pull out season after season without feeling out of style. Plus the drawn in waist and long cuffs mean I can dress it up or down depending on my plans for the day. Here I’ve styled it with a simple pair of high-waisted jeans and my vintage callot. Easy but effective.

Style Icons | Joan Crawford

There is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman and that most certainly describes Joan Crawford. Hailed as the forgotten queen of style she has a timeless, classic look that I would kill for and a serene sense of self that comes across in all her photos. Despite what we think we know about her from her daughter’s book ‘Mommie Dearest’ she was still one of the most influential style icons for three decades, forever striving to be one step ahead of the fashion trends and the first to find a new look.

Flapper Girl



From stage showgirl to Hollywood actress, Joan Crawford has never lacked grace and bearing. In her early career she set the scene (the 20s) with floaty, thigh skimming dresses that emphasised her slim, girlish figure and dancer’s grace. She embodied the world’s view of the flapper. Her blue eyes, wavy hair and delicate eyebrows lent a girlish air to her wardrobe and personified the fun loving characters she played on film.

Style Star


As her career grew so did she. She captured the mood of the times and dressed to suit it. When prohibition and the stock market crash made people grow she grew with them. The fun, playful style turned into structured suits and sophisticated dresses; classic and timeless. In the 40s her determined, ambitious personality shone through in her wardrobe along with the sex appeal that made her so desirable.

Crawford Signature Style


There are an abundance of style cues we can take from her sophisticated, ladylike wardrobe if we care to look. A cinched or emphasised waist, created by clothes with a plunging V neck that emphasise her broad shoulders and small waist were a staple of Crawford’s wardrobe, almost as essential as the highly arched brow, wide eyes and prominent lip. Combine this with one statement jewellery piece and you’ll have a pretty good emulation of her overall style.

In true Crawford style I opt for a neatened, emphasised brow on a daily basis but I am still working up the confidence to pull off the bold lip regularly. Yet I am still in awe of her polished curls and spidery lashes ~ If only I had her style. Who are your style icons?

Wedding Ring Rash

I have always had sensitive skin. It’s a bit annoying really but I can’t change it. So when I noticed that I was getting red, peeling skin under my wedding ring I thought it was just something my skin was prone to. I just had to suck it up, keep moisturising and hope it clears up.

You see I’m not big on wearing jewellery. I wear my earrings, the occasional if it’s a special occasion or I remember to add one to my outfit and of course my wedding and engagement rings. These rarely come off. I wear them to bed, in the shower, while working out – I forget they’re there. Which when you think about it, it’s kinda gross.

Wedding ring rash is caused by one of two things – an allergic reaction to the nickel within your gold ring, or a build up of soap, dead skin and general grubbiness under the ring. Now given I wear mine non-stop I don’t think I need to tell you which was causing mine.


However one of the reasons I don’t take off my rings is because I have a VERY annoying cat who likes to knock things off tables and sides – generally anything that doesn’t have a lip and some things that do (like plates of chicken). So I decided to invest in a cute little ring holder from Amazon. For the princely sum of £5 this little beauty was delivered to me, keeps my rings safe from my cat and allows my skin time to breath. Problem solved.


You can get them in any shape or size, I just have a penchant for elephants at the moment (and dreams of travelling to India, but I digress). Cats, trees, hands, stags whatever will best suit your decor, and trust me it saved me a lot of irritation.

Do you have a ring holder, what style did you go for?

Vintage Illustrations

Today’s post isn’t really much of anything, I’m simply sharing with you some of my favourite vintage illustrations while I try and figure out how I want my blog header / logo to look.

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If any of you know some wonderful illustrators with some spare time please let me know

As you can see I’m a huge fan of Rene Gruau ~ who’s your favourite illustrator?


Add A Vintage Twist To Your Outfit

How to tie a vintage headscarf.jpg

I love all things vintage, but let’s face it in modern life we don’t have loads of time to ensure we’re properly presentable (or at least I don’t, I love my bed too much!). Whilst I’d love to look like a 40s film star everyday I’m too low maintenance to go through that rigmarole. That said I don’t like to look scruffy, so on my bad hair days I add an extra vintage twist with a simple headscarf.

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3 Things I Love About Being English

Today is St. George’s Day which is sadly no longer a national holiday (falling by the wayside after the union with Scotland at the end of the 18th century) or a day that many people celebrate. I’m sure there are plenty of reasons for this, however, I think the biggest is the fear of coming off as racist. Let’s get it out there now I am not racist, I try to accept everyone for who they are, but I do believe the English should be more patriotic. Trust me when I say it won’t come off as racist.
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