Is that really our song?

My three year wedding anniversary has passed recently and between placement and work G and I didn’t really get chance to celebrate. Still, being the gem that he is G bought The Wombats Glitterbug album on vinyl for us both to enjoy. I’ve been listening to it recently and it got me thinking about ‘our song’.

If you ask G he will always tell you that a) we don’t have one particular song as ‘our song’ because we’re both indecisive music lovers and b) if he had to choose one it would be something from the AM album like Arabella or Knee Socks. But I’m not sure…

From the moment Glitterbug came out both G and I fell in love with it instantly. It made the depressing train journeys enjoyable (alongside a cheeky drink), was constantly being played in the house and was the theme to many an evening of drunken dancing. As soon as the tour was announced we bought tickets and started going to their gigs – in fact, I think we went to see this tour 3 times if I remember rightly.


A month after we got married we went to see the Glitterbug tour again in Liverpool and it was the first gig we attended as a married couple. It was a great night and we both left with beaming smiles, sweaty as hell and looking to book the next gig. We bought a poster – like 15y/o fangirls – and have it framed with the ticket stubs from that night and various other gigs in our dining room.

Wombats Glitterbug Poster

Even now when any of the tracks from Glitterbug come on in the car we both sing along to all the words at the top of our lungs like maniacs and went to see them again at Liverpool Students Guild even though we were probably the oldest people there that hadn’t escorted children.

For all those reasons, I would have to disagree with G. Glitterbug has been the soundtrack to so many amazing parts of our relationship and I believe that any of the songs on there could be classed as ‘our song’.

Their new album – beautiful people will ruin your life -is already worming its way into my most listened to tracks on Spotify and I’m already eagerly awaiting Liverpool tour dates!



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