Low FODMAP diet reboot

What feels like a million years ago now I tried to start a low FODMAP diet to help ease my IBS and identify food triggers but I wasn’t in the right place and couldn’t stick to it. However, I am now a week into the 6-week elimination phase and this is how I’m getting on…

Why now?

I’m sat in the MDT office on placement, everything is relatively quiet with people dictating letters or typing away. Suddenly my stomach tightens – uh oh. Out of nowhere comes this high pitched squeaking sound – it’s coming from me – and my stomach starts to relax. I was mortified. I could feel my face blooming a lovely shade of tomato red, my mouth went dry, palms started sweating and my muscles were shaking. I spun around in my chair, apologised profusely and mumbled something about IBS as I dashed out of the room. The only consolation – it wasn’t in front of a client.

I had eaten gluten and dairy free tinned soup for lunch. There was no reason to be bloated and gassy but I was. My clothes felt uncomfortably tight, my insides were obviously unhappy and I was on high alert trying to make sure what had just happened didn’t happen. It was time to figure out what was going on. I went to my DR and got a referral to a dietician (who I’m still waiting to see) and started to plan out how the low FODMAP diet would work for me.

The diet

I didn’t launch myself into it immediately like I did last time. I cut down on food that I knew could be an issue for two weeks while I spent time researching recipes and alternatives and planned out what my food intake would look like.

I’m following the Stanford low FODMAP diet and using this list of foods and exclusions to plan my meals. I’m making sure I eat three full meals a day with fruit snacks that mean I’m eating at least every 4 hours. I’m 1 portion of fruit over the recommended (I’m eating 4 rather than 3) but my calorie intake is averaging 1200 a day and I’m rarely hungry.

I’ve adapted several recipes from Easy.Tasty.Healthy to make them low FODMAP and I’m having two vegan meals per day but you don’t have to do that it’s just my preference. Here’s this week’s meal plan.


So far it’s going well and as an extra bonus, I’ve also lost some weight (although I am overweight and do need to lose it). If you’re interested in any low FODMAP recipes or adaptions I’m using let me know and I’ll post them on here. Any tips and quick and easy recipes would be greatly appreciated too.

Only 5 weeks to go until I start adding possible trigger foods back in back in – wish me luck.


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